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Table of contents:


This guide is your go-to resource for using our logo and branding consistently. At Dodonut, our logo is more than just a symbol - it represents our values and quality. It's vital that we use it correctly to maintain our brand's strength. If you're part of the Dodonut team, a partner, or a stakeholder, this book will guide you and help you understand how to use our logo.

Our logo is a fusion of the Dodonut wordmark and the Dodo Sign.

Dodonut full logo black
Dodonut full logo white


The Dodo Sign is created by combining two semicircles, forming a unique and minimalistic symbol. Shapes come together to form an abstract representation of a dodo bird's head.

Dodonut sign black
Dodonut sign white


To ensure that our logo is displayed correctly and legibly, it is essential to leave a designated safety area around it. The width of the sign determines the size of this safety area, which is used to calculate the "x" dimension. For a visual representation of how the safety area relates to the logo, please refer to the accompanying diagrams.

Dodonut logo construction
The space surrounding the logo should be a minimum of "2x" on all sides. This safety area requirement applies to all uses of the logo, including print materials, digital media, and signage.


Colors are the heart of Dodonut's look and feel. Our logo comes alive with a mix of six unique colors: White, Black, Yellow, Green, Neon Green and Purple.

White color data
Black color data
Yellow color data
Green color data
Neon green color data
Purple color data


Using the Dodonut logo in various colors is essential for adapting to different contexts while maintaining the right contrast for visibility and clarity. Whether it's on light or dark backgrounds, our logo should always stand out, conveying the Dodonut brand effectively. In this section, you can explore examples of our logo in different color combinations.

High visibility - logo with black background
High visibility (19.02 : 1)
High visibility - logo with purple background
High visibility (5.68 : 1)
High visibility - logo with neon green background
High visibility (5.36 : 1)
Low visibility - logo with neon green background
Low visibility (1.06 : 1)
Low visibility - logo with white background
Low visibility (1.1 : 1)
Low visibility - logo with green background
Low visibility (1.3 : 1)

Things to avoid

At Dodonut, our brand identity is incredibly important to us. Our logo is a vital part of who we are, and it helps convey our values and quality to our customers. To make sure our logo always looks the best, we have some guidelines to follow. This section will explain what to avoid when using our logo , so it continues to represent Dodonut effectively.

Logo changed lockup
Do not change designated lockup.
Logo distorted
Do not distort or stretch the logo.
Logo rotated
Do not rotate the logo.
Logo with visual effect
Do not apply visual effects.
Logo with outlines
Do not add outlines to the logo.
Logo with mask
Do not use the logo as a mask.

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