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Dodonut Team member - Tomasz Osowski

Tomasz Osowski

Lead Designer & Co-founder

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I've been designing for over eight years right now. During that time, I've experienced working with startups like Brainly and Define, software houses such as Netguru, Techtailor, Polcode, and corporations including T-mobile and ING. Since the beginning of my professional activity, I have tried to balance design, business, and user needs using a sustainable approach.

For more than five years, I've been creating teams and leading designers in their growth. I'm a co-founder of the Dodonut agency that focuses on sustainable, optimized, and well-performing design for users, businesses, and the Earth. I am a Lean UX enthusiast, a Certificated Design Thinking moderator, and a workshop facilitator. I spend my free time coding things.

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