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Victoria Bernal profile picture

Victoria Gutiérrez Bernal

Social Media Specialist

Dachshund obsessed

Vicky is a passionate Social Media and Community Specialist with a rich Film, Television, and Media Studies background. She has an impressive knack for creating tailor-made content and strategies, managing communities around brands and fostering long-lasting relationships. Her cinematic talent has led her to directing, writing, and producing short films and music videos that have been nominated in film festivals. Outside the professional sphere, she showcases her artistic side on her "crafting" Instagram account, sharing many of her creations.

As a seeker of the latest in the digital landscape, she has also developed in digital design, creating visuals using tools like Figma and the Adobe Suite. Her approach? Make content understandable, yet interesting, with the user always at the heart of the narrative. When the screens go off, she immerses herself in various hobbies, from knitting and gaming to watercolor painting, DIY crafting, and having long walks with her sausage dog Oscar.

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