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As Dodonut, we draw knowledge from free resources available online. We want to share all this knowledge so that more people can think about creating a sustainable web. Therefore, when we received an invitation to the Zablocie Design Park event, we were more than happy to prepare a presentation on sustainability.

Tom, our Lead Designer, delivered a speech entitled "How design affects carbon footprint". Unfortunately, the lecture at the event was in Polish. As soon as the video is out, we will make sure to share the link with you. Auto-translation may help you understand the concept.

In the meantime, we give you a presentation with a wealth of footnotes and exciting resources that can be useful, even without additional commentary.

Youtube video:

Here is the link to our presentation (Figma link)

All the references are below:

  1. Fig 1 The left graph illustrates emissions since we started mining coal, and the right chart shows the greenhouse effect.
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  2. Fig 2. How much will the temperature increase by 2100?
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  3. Increase in average temperature by only 4 degrees °C
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  4. It is estimated that by 2040 the Internet will account for 14% of energy demand.
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  5. What is sustainability?
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  6. We won't replace airplanes with hot air balloons
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  7. Slack Sustainability UX
    1. Slack - Sustainable UX
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  8. SDGs
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  9. How do we generate a digital footprint?
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  10. 20kb less
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  11. Fig 3. Efficiency of power grids g/kWh
    1. Greenhouse gas emission intensity of electricity generation, eea.Europa.eu
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  12. A printed agenda Carbon Footprint
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  13. Digital Beacon results for DesignWays.io.
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  14. Fig 4. Traffic on designways.io during the conference period
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  15. Digital Beacon results for DesignWays.io
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  16. Useful tools for measurement
    1. Tools list
    2. More at dodonut.com/zdp/16
  17. A book - Designing for Sustainability
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  18. A book - Sustainable Web Design
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  19. A book - G. McGovern, "World Wide Waste", Silver Beach 2020
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  20. Median page weight
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  21. Case study Alpro Foundation
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  22. Limit analytics
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  23. Formats matter
    1. Estimation was done using https://ezgif.com/jpg-to-avif
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  24. The dark mode is no bull (usually)
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We hope you find this helpful. We are working on a References page with all the resources we use in our work. We believe a repository of valuable articles like "Why 4 degrees" will be useful for many of you. It will be launched soon!

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