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A/B Testing

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What is A/B testing? A/B testing lets you test different product versions (like a website) to see which one performs better. Multivariate testing is similar, but it allows you to test multiple elements of a site at once, rather than just two (such as the color and font size of the text on the site).

To conduct A/B or multivariate testing, you create two or more product versions with different features. For the test to be reliable, there needs to be a statistically significant difference between the two versions. It means that there needs to be enough data (generally hundreds of users) and that the difference between the two options must be significant enough that it isn't just noise.

When you prepare different versions, you can experiment to see which one performs better. For example, if you were testing the effectiveness of different buttons for signing up for a newsletter, you could create two versions of your website: one with a red button that says "Sign Up" and another with a green one that says "Join Our Mailing List." Then you'd invite users to try out both pages and measure which one gets more sign-ups.

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