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Eye Tracking Testing

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Eye tracking is recording the eye movements of a participant during an interaction with a product or service.

The test works by having someone wear a pair of goggles attached to a computer. A camera inside the goggles tracks the movement of your eyes as you look at something, usually a website or other digital product. Researchers then use this information to analyze how people read and discover information on websites, apps, ads, etc. They can use results to make suggestions about designing sites to make them easier to use.

The eye tracking method helps see what a user pays attention to most (or least) when viewing your website or other content. It allows you to understand which content element should be emphasized and which one needs less attention to help users achieve their goals.

This test can also be applied to identify usability issues on your site by looking at what users focus on, how long they focus on it, and how long it takes them to click something.

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