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Would you like to share your knowledge and get paid for it? We always seek talented writers who can contribute their high-quality articles addressed to designers, developers, digital ecologists, and entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses responsibly.

  • Write about UX/UI design, product design, and digital sustainability topics.
  • Get paid for every approved, completed article. Topic, writing quality, and technical depth determine your final pay.
  • We provide illustrations that visually enrich your writing.
  • With editors' assistance, we can help you create a clear and well-researched article.
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How to submit an article?

2. Review or picking the topic

We'll contact you within a week if your submission meets our needs. We suggest one if you're an expert in a field without a specific topic.

4. The final article's review

An editor will work closely with you on article organization, argumentation, and style. We'll also polish things that are significant.

1. Request submission

Consider the content on our website and whether it fits our approach. Then, create an abstract, fill in the form above and submit it!

3. Create an initial draft

You can begin working on a draft once we agree on the topic. As soon as you are done, we will review it, suggest improvements if necessary, and give you feedback.

5. Get published and promoted!

After revisions are complete, we'll create a byline for you, schedule your publication and promote it in the newsletter and on social media.

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