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Figma plugins (12)

There are thousands of plugins available on Figma. How to choose which one is most valuable? Here is a collection of useful Figma plugins that will help you speed up your work and fix all the slight slowdowns.

Max Line Length

Figma Community plugin - Plugin that counts the maximum number of characters across all lines in a text box unlike other plugins that count all characters or words. — How to use 1.
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Content Reel

Figma Community plugin - Design layouts more efficiently by pulling text strings, images, and icons from one palette. Content Reel lets you create custom content and share it with other Figma users.
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Figma Community plugin - Typeout provides rich, relevant and quirky library of UX copies to make your designs more conversational and meaningful 🔮 Created by: Srikant Shetty, Vivek Kaarthek
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Figma Community plugin - Insert beautiful images from Unsplash straight into your designs. The Unsplash License allows images to be used freely for both commercial and personal projects.
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Figma Community plugin - Tired of manually checking spreadsheets, messy handovers, and expensive retrofitting? The all-new Stark Suite is a powerful combination of integrated tools that help you streamline your accessibility workflow.
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Figma Community plugin - Jitter is a fast, simple and friendly animation tool. It lets you animate your Figma designs quickly: import your pixel-perfect frames in 1 click, add animations in a few seconds, customize everything, and export the animation as a video, GIF or Lottie.
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Image Tracer

Figma Community plugin - Easily convert images into vector layers directly in Figma. 😎 Make infinitely scalable imagesConvert to coloured vector layersQuickly trace as a maskRestyle your imagesPlus more...
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Figma Community plugin - Ghost Ghost is a lightweight plugin that converts high fidelity mockups to loading or “skeleton” screens. How it Works Ghost detects all text and shape layers (i.
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Super Tidy

Figma Community plugin - Keep your design tidy by easily aligning, renaming and reordering your frames based on their canvas position. Super Tidy aligns your frames to a given spacing grid of your choice.
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Style Organizer

Figma Community plugin - Text Styles Added! Merge and link all color & text styles in the page: - Overall usage assessment - Group elements with the same appearance together - Merge and link to selected style - Select all elements with the style - Make all possible fix automatically with a single click Things to notice...
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Tokens Studio

Figma Community plugin - Gives you the ability to use Design Tokens that can be used for a whole range of design options, from border radii or spacer units to semantic color and typography styles that are able to reference other tokens. It allows you to change tokens and see these changes applied to the whole document, i...
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Figma Community plugin - As designers, when preparing our work for developer hand-off, there comes a time where we need to annotate our designs with detailed measurements, specs, and intricate redlines—we all know how time-consuming this process can be. Alas!
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