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Sustainability tools (15)

How to become more sustainable in your actions and process? Start with tools! Plenty of tools can help you measure your impact and web carbon footprint, propose improvements, and optimize files and processes. Check out this curated list of the best sustainable tools and start to use them now.

TinyJPG – Compress WebP, PNG and JPEG images intelligently

Make your website faster and save bandwidth. TinyJPG is the best automatic WEBP, JPEG and PNG optimizer and compresses your WEBP, JPEG and PNG images by 40-60%!
Free Sustainability tools

Are my third parties green?

Test a website URL to find out if the third party resources it uses are hosted on a green host.
Free Sustainability tools

Web Sustainability Guidelines (WSG) 1.0

Web Sustainability Guidelines (WSG) 1.0 covers a wide range of recommendations for making websites and products more sustainable.
Free Sustainability tools

ImageOptim - Image optimizer

ImageOptim reduces the size of files on the disk by choosing the optimal compression parameters and removing unnecessary information from files, such as comments, EXIF information and color profiles. It supports images in PNG, JPEG formats and GIF animations.
Free Sustainability tools

Carbonalyser – Adoptez cette extension pour 🦊 Firefox (fr)

Télécharger Carbonalyser pour Firefox. Analyse Internet usage carbon footprint
Free Sustainability tools

Offset Mode

Offset your digital emissions in real-time
Free Sustainability tools

Website Footprint

This tool allows you to analyze a web page and know its environmental impact, according to its number of requests, its weight and its download time. You can identify areas for improvement to reduce their footprint.
Free Sustainability tools


A tool created mainly to measure carbon footprint. The idea is simple - after registration, paste a link to your site, and Ecoping will check ecological parameters.
0-40£ / month Sustainability tools

Cabin | Privacy-first, Google Analytics alternative

No cookies, no consent banners, no ad networks, 100% GDPR & CCPA compliant, low footprint web analytics. The best alternative to Google Analytics.
Free Sustainability tools


Check what happens on your website, monitor its performance and analyze your digital CO2 footprint. All of it while staying compliant with major Data Protection Acts.
0-18$ Sustainability tools


Calculate the environmental impact of a web page, see the breakdown and learn what measures can be taken to improve it.
Free Sustainability tools

Greenpixie | Report, reduce and control your cloud emissions

Greenpixie uses technical innovation to provide solutions for reporting, reducing and controlling cloud emissions.
Free Sustainability tools


The 2022 Ecograder utilizes CO2.js from The Green Web Foundation, as well as Google Lighthouse's open source page metrics, to identify areas for improvement.
Free Sustainability tools

Website Carbon Calculator v3 | How is your website impacting the planet?

The internet consumes a lot of electricity. 416.
Free Sustainability tools

Dynamic World - 10m global land cover dataset in Google Earth Engine

Dynamic World is a 10 meter resolution near real time global land use land cover dataset in Google Earth Engine
Free Sustainability tools

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