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Scoping sessions

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Maximize project potential by identifying its scope

A scoping session is the most effective way to transform your new ideas into action. Usually, it is a first step where key players and stakeholders, for example, the CEO, COO, CTO, team members, project managers, designers, and consultants, gather to set the project plan by defining its main goal.

At Dodonut, our specialists prepare it with a structured yet flexible approach. Usually, we conduct an online scoping workshop where together with members of your team who actively contribute to the workshop, we brainstorm and analyze project objectives, discuss responsibilities, and define your project's tasks and milestones. We document what we know and where we need to fill data gaps.

For us, this phase is an important part of every project preparation when we gather project requirements, define project scope, develop technical software requirements specifications, choose technology stack, and estimate budget and timelines.

Setting your business goals can also help us better understand the main idea and vision of your product and provide a solution accordingly.

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Benefits of Scoping Session

Scoping sessions are an essential part of any successful project. Explore the many ways in which it can support the design process and your product strategy.

Defining project goals and business needs

With it, we can ensure what the client wants to achieve with a new project and set a common understanding of it. 

Better time and budget estimation

We can allocate resources effectively and identify the required time and budget upfront in a much better way. 

Improved collaboration and communication

It can support project management and all the flow by improving ownership, alignment with the project's scope, and setting up all the roles of people involved.

Recommendations for User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) design

By discussing your user personas, user stories, and user flow samples, we can align your project goals to meet users' expectations. 

A defined scope for the minimum viable product (MVP)

As workshop results and one of the deliverables, we can draft an MVP scope by creating a preliminary list of features to include and expected results.

The Dodonut team helped Climate Central to deliver a better user experience by balancing a creative, open approach to our challenges against the need to work within the structure already in place. The result is an intuitive, flexible tool that makes it far easier for our visitors to find and use our materials, but also integrates seamlessly into our overall website experience. Dodonut worked to understand our users and their needs at every stage of this project, and the solution they developed is making a meaningful difference for Climate Central.

At the scoping meeting, we will transform answers into actionable steps

Be prepared for a billion questions on the following topics. By finding its answers, we will be able to prepare an efficient plan and set the next steps in the well-defined project:

Who are the stakeholders?

What is the budget for the project?

What is the problem that needs to be addressed?

How will success be measured for the project?

What are the project timeline and deadline?

What are the benefits for users and the company?

Who are the target users, and what are their expectations?

What is the current alternative on the market?

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Alpro Foundation - Strengthening the brand authority for nutritionists

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Adek - Make a customer-friendly approach visible on your website

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The way
how we work

We can adapt our process or collaborate with other popular frameworks depending on client needs. From the start of the project, we provide complete project visibility and multiple open lines of communication.

  • 01 Goal understanding
  • 02 Brainstorming
  • 03 Prioritizing
  • 04 Scheduling

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Every project begins with precise requirements. We often provide our clients with an update on the actual budget.

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Designing a product can be challenging, as we have discovered through our design experience. Check how we deal with it in our Analytics Product: Check Statsy


We were really impressed with the work. Dodonut understands what it takes to deliver a modern, future proof website that meets both the business’ and the users’ needs and requirements. And the fact that the final result ends up looking absolutely stunning is no coincidence either!

The team at Bejamas have been extremely responsive, detail-oriented, and a pleasure to work with. Every single question, comment, or concern that I had throughout the design process was addressed promptly and thoroughly. I'm completely thrilled about our new design, and I can't thank them enough for being such a professional and accommodating team.

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