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User interfaces design

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Our UI design approach

Dodonut's design team takes a holistic approach to your digital product design. This includes the final look and feel of its visual design, enhancing its user experience, and providing the most appropriate design solutions to achieve your business goals.

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Need a complex digital solution? We're in!

Our web design agency specializes in various UI design services. Whether it is a marketing and eCommerce web app or website, we aim to fulfill user expectations on the final product.

Web app

Our design team has created various types of apps and software systems for all major industries. We specialize in both web and native app development so that we can create an experience tailored specifically to your business requirements.


Dodonut's design experts are always ready to listen to your ideas and help you create an attractive website that will make the user journey smooth and pleasant, achieve good conversion rates and boost sales.

Marketing website

We design user interfaces for a marketing website that meets your needs and builds your strong online presence. We focus on creating an intuitive and user-friendly design to attract new users and retain old ones.

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the process,
you can count on us at each step

Our design process services provide clients with a comprehensive set of UI and UX design services. We specialize in transforming complex processes into highly interactive and customized experiences.

Interface design

Our UI designers have years of experience, offering the best user interface design services.

Design system

Creating a collection of UI elements provides a unified look and functionality across a product.

Interaction & Animation

Carefully prepared by us, animation and interaction design on your website can enhance overall user engagement.

Desktop & mobile optimization

When it comes to web and mobile optimization, our team makes sure that the design works across all devices.

Accessibility audit

We provide accessibility and UX consulting services to review and improve existing web and mobile apps.

Branding & Illustration

We offer powerful branding by combining unique visual identities, design, and illustration.

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Discover our latest UI design case studies

Beebole case study view

Beebole - Excellent UX and brand identity for SAAS web design

Beebole homepage
UX/UI Design
New design of Alpro Foundation homepage

Alpro Foundation - Strengthening the brand authority for nutritionists

Alpro Foundation homepage
Discovery & Research
UX/UI Design

How can next-level UI benefit you?

UI stands for “user interface,” which refers to the visual side of technology with which the end user meets. We are doing our best to make this meeting pleasant and engaging and bring additional value to your business.

A recognizable brand and its product can accelerate your digital growth and boost your bottom line.

High-quality UI services can positively impact user satisfaction and build trust within your company.

Excellent UX and UI design can reduce future investment costs of the development services.

Our top UI designers can offer each user a personalized customer journey and immerse them in your services.

We can create a unique feeling for your brand that drives customer engagement.

Effective UI design can reduce resource costs and increase sales by enhancing customer satisfaction.

The way how
we work

Depending on client needs, we can adapt our process or collaborate with other popular frameworks. From the start of the project, we provide complete project visibility and multiple open lines of communication.

Our web design studio's user experience and user interface process is multi-stage. It begins with an ideation and evaluation phase, where the client and designers come together to discuss what they want the site or app to look like and how they want it to function. In UI/UX workshops, Dodonut consultants help envision a future application or website or improve an existing one. Workshops are followed by a discovery and research phase, where the designers research existing products in the same field and competitor sites. This stage also involves user flows and information architecture analysis. The next stage is UX design, where our UX experts put together wireframes and prototypes based on the research from the previous stage. We are looking at this point for the best visual and functional solutions to respond to user needs and improve user experience.

We revise our design assumption with usability testing at each possible step. The main goal of usability testing is to identify a system's existing and potential usability issues and gather qualitative and quantitative data about users' satisfaction. Our designers focus on the appearance of a web or an app, providing our customers with different design directions that make the final visual design standing from the crowd. Once the client approves those, we move on to UI design considering user interaction — this is where we create mockups for individual pages or sections of your site that will eventually be built out by our development team. Finally, once both parties have approved everything, it goes into development—the final step before launching your new website! At this point, our UI design agency will also be available for ongoing support and growth if necessary.

Find your design partner at Dodonut

Even though some of our projects have huge time differences, our customers claim to receive all answers within 24 hours.

Our design team works closely with the vision keeper and reiterator to resolve our client's problem.

Every project is completed on time, or we propose a solution to support your launch.

Every project begins with precise requirements. We often provide our clients with an update on the actual budget.

You will receive pixel-perfect, fast, and highest-quality digital design from us.

Designing a product can be challenging, as we have discovered through our design experience. Check how we deal with it in our Analytics Product: Check Statsy

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Satisfied Customers

We were really impressed with the work. Dodonut understands what it takes to deliver a modern, future proof website that meets both the business’ and the users’ needs and requirements. And the fact that the final result ends up looking absolutely stunning is no coincidence either!

The team at Bejamas have been extremely responsive, detail-oriented, and a pleasure to work with. Every single question, comment, or concern that I had throughout the design process was addressed promptly and thoroughly. I'm completely thrilled about our new design, and I can't thank them enough for being such a professional and accommodating team.

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