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User Experience design

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As User Experience evangelists, we always seek to provide our customers with the best digital solutions and achieve user satisfaction at every point of their customer journey. Our human-centered design process relies on research, data, tests, and iterative improvements.

UX design to create extraordinary experiences

Dodonut web design agency specializes in various user experience design services. From developing wireframes, mockups, and prototypes to interaction design, our designers strive to create user-friendly digital products that meet your business goals.

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Concept & Ideation

Our design team starts every project by conducting market research to understand your business's background, goals, and target groups and create a shared vision of the future design and the whole process.

Discovery and UX Research

We uncover your stakeholders' ideal point of contact by combining qualitative and quantitative research methods, web analytics, and desk research. We are ready to inform the initial wireframe by recreating the user flow and user journey map.

UX Design

Using previous research, we outline the product structure to respond to user needs. We use wireframes to focus on functionality and design the best user experience possible.

Product validation

With usability testing, we can discover what works, what doesn't, and why and identify existing and potential usability problems.

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UX Design Services: our ways to improve user experience

Our design process includes comprehensive UI and UX design services. Dodonut's design team has created various projects and specializes in transforming complex processes into highly interactive and customized experiences.

Organize your scope

By defining project scope with stakeholders, our UX experts give you an idea of what a project should include and how to achieve the desired outcome.

Improve conversion

Our UX services help make the user conversion path smooth and simple. We achieve this by creating a consistent journey for your website visitors, optimizing pages based on user needs, and simplifying the navigation.

Redefine website structure

When redesigning a product, our team of designers conducts a UX audit where we analyze current information architecture and navigational issues and make changes based on its findings.

Verify your UX solutions

With UX consulting services, we can enhance the users' experience, establish your company identity and gain a competitive advantage.

Validate concepts

The goal of usability testing is to revise design assumptions and improve user interaction with your product based on observation of user tasks and their insights.

Get to know your user

Understanding the real needs of end users is at the center of our design process. We strive to simplify product interactions and align functionality with the following user interface design process.

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UX/UI Design

We handle every stage of the UX design process

We offer user experience services at every project stage, from early concept and research to wireframing and usability testing. We specialize in transforming complex processes into highly interactive and customized experiences.

Collecting and analyzing data can help us validate your assumptions and set the right track for product improvement.

We gain insights into why people make certain decisions by using qualitative methods like in-depth interviews.

By asking questions that can be answered with numbers and analyzing them, we gain an understanding of users' behavior.

We set a scope for UX strategy and what we want to achieve by focusing on design features, accessibility, and the overall look and feel of the product.

Legible IA helps us structure the user flow, so how your users will navigate your product, search for information, and how the content is labeled.

Best practices recommend wireframes always precede UI design services and graphic design so that UI designers can follow the functionality of the product.

By creating prototypes, our design studio can present the final and dynamic appearance of the web mobile app or website, considering all their functionalities, dynamics, and data.

We are oriented toward UX testing. That's why we always test ready products with actual users to better understand user behavior and implement improvements.

The way how
we work

Our web design studio's user experience and user interface process is multi-stage. It begins with an ideation and evaluation phase, where the client and designers come together to discuss what they want the site or app to look like and how they want it to function. In UI/UX workshops, Dodonut consultants help envision a future application or website or improve an existing one. Workshops are followed by a discovery and research phase, where the designers research existing products in the same field and competitor sites. This stage also involves user flows and information architecture analysis. The next stage is UX design, where our UX experts put together wireframes and prototypes based on the research from the previous stage. We are looking at this point for the best visual and functional solutions to respond to user needs and improve user experience.

We revise our design assumption with usability testing at each possible step. The main goal of usability testing is to identify a system's existing and potential usability issues and gather qualitative and quantitative data about users' satisfaction. Our designers focus on the appearance of a web or an app, providing our customers with different design directions that make the final visual design standing from the crowd. Once the client approves those, we move on to UI design considering user interaction — this is where we create mockups for individual pages or sections of your site that will eventually be built out by our development team. Finally, once both parties have approved everything, it goes into development—the final step before launching your new website! At this point, our UI design agency will also be available for ongoing support and growth if necessary.

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Even though some of our projects have huge time differences, our customers claim to receive all answers within 24 hours.

Our design team works closely with the vision keeper and reiterator to resolve our client's problem.

Every project is completed on time, or we propose a solution to support your launch.

Every project begins with precise requirements. We often provide our clients with an update on the actual budget.

You will receive pixel-perfect, fast, and highest-quality digital design from us.

Designing a product can be challenging, as we have discovered through our design experience. Check how we deal with it in our Analytics Product: Check Statsy

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We were really impressed with the work. Dodonut understands what it takes to deliver a modern, future proof website that meets both the business’ and the users’ needs and requirements. And the fact that the final result ends up looking absolutely stunning is no coincidence either!

The team at Bejamas have been extremely responsive, detail-oriented, and a pleasure to work with. Every single question, comment, or concern that I had throughout the design process was addressed promptly and thoroughly. I'm completely thrilled about our new design, and I can't thank them enough for being such a professional and accommodating team.

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