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Dodo is Alive

We believe that businesses can be forces for good, and the web can be a powerful tool for positive change.

Dodo, our brand hero, reminds us that we can’t let another species go extinct. Together with our aware customers, we think, act, and design websites to save all “the future Dodo birds”.

20+ Satisfied customers from 10+ different countries 50+ People onboard in Bejamas 120+ Designed websites 7+ years experience in design

Dodo Story

We’re web design agency Dodonut. “Dodo & nut,” or “do donut.” Honestly, it doesn’t matter which wordplay you’ll choose. What really matters to us is our experience and the common approach, which help us deliver digital products with the mission of creating a positive environmental impact.

We are proud to be part of a team of individuals that work sustainably, see the bigger picture, understand the complexity of processes and relations,and deliver beautiful and good projects for the environment and the businesses they serve.

Seven years of experience in different environments - working for small startups and large corporations taught us that no one web design solution is tailored to everyone. We treat our customers personally and professionally, finding a meeting point together for all perspectives and needs that matter.

We are part of Jamstack Agency of the Year 2021 Bejamas Website

Our Values

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  • Open


    We're transparent about our process, open to feedback and collaboration, and always looking for new ways to improve. Moreover, we are always curious about others' opinions!

  • Direct


    We're straight shooters looking for people willing to share their honest opinion — even if it's not what we want to hear. This means no beating around the bush!

  • Humble


    We're not afraid to ask questions or admit when we don't know something. We're constantly learning from each other. We believe that everyone has something valuable to offer.

  • Growth


    We're always learning more about how to improve ourselves as individuals and as a company. We believe in taking risks (and failing) to grow personally and professionally.

  • Support


    We believe in each other's success and support one another through thick and thin. We never leave anyone behind!

  • Remote


    That's the paradox. We work remotely but at the same time, close to each other. We believe remote work has a positive impact on ourselves and the environment.

  • Responsible


    Everyone's work is an important puzzle piece in the final project. It doesn't matter when you wake up, start to work, or finish it, and where in the world you are actually. Work is not a place with fixed hours. Work is what we can deliver. Therefore we work responsibly.

  • Improvement


    We're always trying to do better than yesterday. We are acting in the present with the thought of a better future.

Our Team

Denis Kostrzewa
Co-founder & Sales

Was a DJ

Denis Kostrzewa
Tom Krupa
Co-founder & CTO

Code something

Tom Krupa
Tom Osowski
Lead Designer & Co-founder

Barely see

Tom Osowski
Damian Bednarz
Product Designer


Damian Bednarz
Dimitri Honczarenko
UX/UI Designer

Coffee maker

Dimitri Honczarenko
Justyna Lubimow
UX/UI Designer

Horse lover

Justyna Lubimow
Justyna Lasota
UX/UI Designer | Illustrator


Justyna Lasota
Justyna Łabądź
Content Creator

Street art hunter

Justyna Łabądź
Agata Leśniak

Tries to be funny

Agata Leśniak
And 50+ more people from Bejamas
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Besides saving the world, we are having fun fun fun

Dodo bird flying on baloons
Dodonut retreatment at Poznan #retreat
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Bejamas Culinary Course Hell's kitchen
Bejamas - Wroclaw retreat on a boat #onBoard :)
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